Tape ‘N Go (12 pieces)- Jon Renau

Tape ‘N Go (12 pieces)- Jon Renau

Jon Renau
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We are so excited that this is finally here! The new and improved Tape ‘N Go. The perfect clips for a secure fit of your wig or hairpiece.

Now an ~INDIVIDUAL~ clip reinforced to a square of polyurethane, you have the flexibility to move and place Tape 'N Go to your wig or headwear wherever desired; all you need is a bit of adhesive tape and Lace Release Spray


  • Great for bio hair that might feel 'slippery' underneath your wig or bamboo liner
  • Helps to avoid traction alopecia caused by continually clipping to the same patch of hair each day, especially if your hair is already delicate and fragile
  • Converts bondable hair toppers into a clippable piece
  • Perfect for security on-the-go, especially as life begins to speed again

Colour Availability

Beige, Brown and Black

Contents: 12 pieces