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Hi! I’m Kimberly, the founder of Lusta Hair. Our mission is to promote self-love and confidence for women experiencing hair loss. Hair loss has been part of my life since I was 19 years old when 50% of my hair began to fall out. When I started losing my hair, I felt like I was losing a part of myself. That confident, fun-loving girl I once was seemed to dissipate with every hair that left my head. Unless you’ve experienced hair loss, you won’t really understand that feeling and how much it can take from you. 


Over the years, I became obsessed with finding a solution. Anything to make my thinning hair thicker again. I felt like a mad scientist- applying all these creams and potions to my scalp, taking pills, and using laser caps. These ‘solutions’ may work for some, but for my Androgenic Alopecia, these things just gave me false hope. Which leads me to Lusta Hair… 

When I discovered hair toppers it was my hallelujah moment! Seriously. Imagine angels coming down from the sky, a choir singing, and a beam of light shining down on me. I had found my solution. And it was EPIC. When I started wearing toppers, they were unheard of. I saw all these women in hair loss groups looking for a solution, whilst I was there feeling like I was sitting on the world’s best kept secret. I HAD to get the word out. I wanted other hair loss queens to feel the confidence that toppers gave me. And I wanted to give women the best option for alt hair possible. 


So here we are. 3 years later. Lusta Hair is now a global brand with clients all over the world. We chat with hundreds of women every day and guide them through the topper or wig purchasing process. And it’s not just a product, it’s a movement. We’re normalising female hair loss (which affects 50% of women) and wearing hair. We’re creating a community of women that are taking back their confidence and finding a real solution for hair loss. Although hair loss still affects me, toppers have made me think about my hair loss a lot less and I owe it to toppers for getting me to a place where I feel confident, with and without the extra hair. 

And we have SO MANY clients in the United Kingdom. We totally understand how scary purchasing hair online can be. It’s an investment, and you want to make sure you’re making a good one. I was there too. I was terrified to purchase online. That’s why I wanted to make buying hair online a fun and exciting experience. Our free virtual chats are something we’re super proud to offer and we find it makes the whole experience so much easier. You book a time and hop on a video call with one of our incredible Lusta girls and we can chat through everything you need to know. Our chats are super chill, think of us as your hair- wearing bestie. Although we offer customisation services, salons like Peluka Salon are AMAZING for helping you truly make your piece your own. 

Check out some of the amazing work they have done on Lusta pieces!


Wearing toppers, or wigs, is no longer a ‘taboo’. They’re a real solution that actually works and can be a gamechanger when it comes to hair loss. After so many years and so much money spent on products that just don’t work, I couldn’t be more grateful for toppers. If you’ve been on the fence about whether wearing alternative hair is right for you, we’d absolutely LOVE to chat with you. 

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